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English courses in the US – Mostly for a foreigner, this is the first step towards obtaining a secondary or higher education in the United States. Language courses in America operate on the basis of universities, colleges, public and private schools, as well as independent language centers.
Private US boarding schools accept international students from the age of 6. However, a rare parent risks sending their child to a foreign country at such a tender age. As a rule, children from abroad attend American school at the age of 14-15. Usually two years of secondary education in the United States is enough for a child to master the English language well and feel at home in America.
Studying in the United States for Russians requires significant financial investments. For example, a year of study at a less well known American university will cost between $15,000 and $20,000. In the case of prestigious American universities, this amount can be safely multiplied by 2.
Fortunately, the United States has a well-developed system of financial aid for foreign students. Academic and sports scholarships, covering up to 100% of the cost of education, are allocated by the educational institutions themselves, as well as public and private funds.
However, the secondary education system in the United States also has the most valuable advantages: the education system is as flexible as possible, and in schools it offers a very wide list of specialties, among which schoolchildren choose their priorities. The flexibility of the school curriculum presupposes the child’s ability to focus on core disciplines. In fact, admission to American universities is based on the results of assessments in 3 tests – English, Mathematics and one specialized subject.
and In the United States, career guidance work with schoolchildren is ideally created, in the country there are a large number of summer academic schools that provide an opportunity to obtain loans and recommendations that increase the chances of entering the chosen university.
If your goal is to enroll in the best American universities, then studying at a high school in this country is the best way to achieve your goal. In the United States in high school work on career guidance and assistance in choosing a future major is ideally determined. At 4 years, the child fully adapts to new conditions, learns the language and is preparing for entering university.

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